My name is Julie Solis and I humbly request your vote for California State Assembly District 34.

Activism and civic engagement are deep-rooted in my beliefs of a better tomorrow for all. I have committed to driving grassroots efforts to unite communities I represent throughout California. I’d like to apply my years of grassroots organizing experience to support the important issues that affect our community. I am committed to continuing pushing a platform that empowers vulnerable communities and the stewardship of our environment.

As a woman who’s been working with grassroots organizations, I believe I bring a unique perspective and approach to Sacramento. I believe the biggest issues facing us today are the COVID-19 crisis, affordable housing, immigration, homelessness, lack of veteran services, the school to prison pipeline, the climate crisis, rising healthcare prices, and Valley Fever awareness. I strive to include marginalized communities to be part of the conversation. My goal is to enhance our civic participation in my community.

I will continue to work and ensure our political representation reflects our community’s progressive values and diversity. I humbly ask for your support, trust, and vote.

Thank you so much for your continued encouragement and support.